Commercial Close for Prospect Lake Clean Water Center in Florida

A DBFOM P3 to develop the 50 MGD Prospect Lake Clean Water Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida reached commercial close in February. The concessionaire for the project is a joint venture between IDE Technologies and Ridgewood Infrastructure, with Kiewit as the design-builder for the project. The project includes fixed costs of $485 million and will […]

Trials and Privatizations in Chester Pennsylvania

Chester, Pennsylvania fell on hard times decades ago, and today the city is very, very bankrupt. An editorial in the Philadelphia Enquirer in December noted that the city currently faces a $46.5 million deficit on a budget of just $55 million. The city of nearly 34,000 has been in a long-running financial crisis that is only […]

Are P3s Possible for Dredging? USACE Awards First Pilot

Dredging projects are, in theory, well suited for delivery and long-term maintenance via a P3. They require significant upfront capital investment for the channel deepening and any locks or supporting infrastructure, and entail relatively clear availability-based performance mechanisms. P3s in the sector may also be used to transfer unique risks, including some sedimentation risks and […]