Manitoba Election Puts School P3 at Risk of Cancellation

The provincial government in Manitoba, Canada, has been eager to build schools quickly, but for quite a long time. The province is mid-procurement on a P3 to build nine schools in the coming years, but may be changing course – now for the third time. In November, the newly elected NDP government in the province […]

High-Frequency Rail Moves to RFP

Transport Canada is moving forward with the country’s most significant infrastructure project in several decades. The launch of the RFP for the High-Frequency Rail (HFR) project between Quebec City and Toronto could redefine travel along one of the country’s most populous and trafficked corridors. The scope of the HFR project is to upgrade more than […]

Montreal’s New Transit: Automated Trains, Pension Fund Financing

July ushered in a new era of transit in Montreal with the grand opening of the Réseau Express Metropolitain (REM) light rail project – the first new light rail line in Montreal in Decades. For now, only the REM’s southern branch is starting operations, along with five stations along that segment. Once the entire project […]

Canada High-Frequency Rail P3 Qualifications Submitted

The corridors between Quebec City in Quebec, and Toronto and Windsor in Ontario, are a tiny part of Canada’s landmass, yet the stretch is home to nearly two thirds of Canada’s population and two thirds of its economy. The lack of reliable, high-speed regional rail transportation along the corridor has long been a thorn in […]

Public Inquiry Completes Review of Confederation Line

On November 30th, the public inquiry for Canada’s CAD$2.1 billion transit P3 for the Confederation Line project published its final report. The report comes more a year after the inquiry was first ordered. The inquiry was investigating the causes of the many problems the project has faced since the procurement for the project was completed […]

CUPE has a Plan for the Canada Infrastructure Bank

The Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) is nearly five years old. As required by the 2017 legislation that created it, the CIB is therefore also up for not just a birthday celebration, but its first major performance review. The impending occasion has spurred renewed interest in, and criticism of, the young infrastructure finance institution.

Two Partners Selected for Ontario Line Megaproject

This month, Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx have selected preferred bidders for two of the three major contracts to deliver the Ontario Line Project. The Ontario Line South Project and the Ontario Line Rolling Stock, Systems, Operations and Maintenance (RSSOM) contracts are both now moving forward to final contract negotiations. A third procurement for the Ontario […]

An Expert Panel Convenes for Confederation Line Public Inquiry

Why do so many megaprojects go awry? When do P3s help prevent project failures, and how can they be improved? Amid the public spectacle of the Confederation Line’s public inquiry last month, the commission took a day to step back and discuss megaproject development more broadly with a panel of experts. The discussion that ensued […]

Deerfoot Trail P3 Cancelled in Alberta

Construction cost inflation appears to be the primary cause of the demise of yet another transportation P3 in Canada: the Deerfoot Trail Improvement Project in Calgary, Alberta. Final proposals from shortlisted bid teams were due for the project in July. On July 12th, Alberta Transportation Minister announced that the province would be cancelling the project.

A Courtroom Drama for Infrastructure Geeks

As many PWF readers are well aware, there was a highly televised, riveting, blockbuster series of public hearings scheduled in June. I’m referring, of course, to the Ottawa Light Rail transit commission hearings for the public inquiry over the Confederation Line P3. Those hearings are still underway as PWF went to press this month. The […]